BrokrBindr Integration with BluMortgage CRM

BluMortgage is a top Canadian solution for BrokrBindr mortgage brokers looking for a CRM. Easily send your online application to clients, capture customer details from completed applications, and stay up-to-date with application progress.

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About The Integration

The BluMortgage CRM integration with BrokrBindr allows seamless communication between the two systems. Specifically, this integration offers:

  1. Simplified sending of BrokrBindr application to clients existing within the BluMortgage CRM
  2. Update of mortgage and client details based on the information captured in a completed application
  3. Continual updates of BluMortgage deal information based on progress in the BrokrBindr platform

See the details of the integration in this explainer video!

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About BrokrBindr

BrokrBindr is not a CRM, but rather it is a tool you use to manage the actual mortgage application. With BrokrBindr you can:

  • Provide your borrower with a branded and customizable application portal
  • Easily manage all condition documents from initial upload to final approval
  • Seamlessly sync Filogix data (upload, download and modify)
  • Pull bank statements, as well as Equifax and TransUnion credit information
  • Archive your sensitive data on encrypted Canadian servers
  • Organize your own files, and also those of your entire team

Your clients and your lenders will appreciate the difference BrokrBindr makes!

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BluMortgage is an application built by a Canadian Fintech startup, BluRoot, based out of Toronto, ON. The BluMortgage team are CRM experts who have worked with mortgage industry leaders to perfect the BluMortgage product.
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