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We work with the top mortgage brokers nationwide by providing an integrated CRM that is redefining the mortgage brokering process in Canada.

We Help Companies We Help Companies
We Help Companies

Our Values

Our work is important, but our values are essential in defining how we work and staying true to ourselves as we grow.

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Team First

Not every task supports your numbers directly. Sometimes we have to support someone else. We are strongest when our work supports each other’s success.

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Be clear and open with your work both among our team and to our clients.

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No Waste / Purpose-Driven

Begin with the end in mind. Take deliberate actions and be mindful of possible outcomes.

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Whatever you do, be the best

In your area of expertise, strive for excellence. We aren’t perfect but we aim to be 1% better every day.

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Thrive in Ambiguity / Be Curious

Be excited to learn new things. New challenges are chances to grow and expand our abilities.

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Win or Learn

Failure is a part of life. We embrace failure as an opportunity to learn new things and get 1% better.

Perks Of The Job

At BluMortgage, we know that any job needs to provide the perks necessary to meet your career and personal goals.

Competitive salary and compensation

Competitive salary and compensation

We strive to pay our employees well. We start with a competitive salary and offer paths to grow both within a role and through promotions

3 weeks vacation from Day 1

3 weeks vacation from Day 1

We want you to have a work/life balance that works for you. All of our employees get 3 weeks of vacation per year. You can take vacation days before you earn them, and you can carry over vacation days that you don’t use this year

Health and Dental Benefits

Health and Dental Benefits

BluRoot is at its best with a happy and healthy team. To help us achieve this we provide a health and dental plan for all employees



We are a learning organization and we all grow together. When you join the team you will be supported by management with regular one on ones and training opportunities

Social Events

Social Events

We’re a small team and we love being well connected. Every week we have a team town hall, every three weeks we have a team lunch (on BluRoot), and a few times each year we get together for social events

Be part of something big

Be part of something big

When we look around our industry we see endless opportunities to do things better. When you join our team you also join the effort to change the game for our clients. We’re working on radically improving our clients’ businesses and their software experience

Current Job Openings

Right now at BluMortgage, we are hiring in the following areas:

Customer Success

Our hiring process is friendly and designed to minimize bias

We believe that a fair and bias-free hiring process is best way to find the top people to join our team. Check out our simple hiring process designed to achieve just that:


Introductory call with your manager

This is a friendly low-commitment call to get to know each other a bit better, understand the role and if it fits your career goals.


Take home case

This case will directly test the skills that will be required for the job. We will give you a “cheat sheet” for any prior knowledge needed. This is really to test problem solving and critical thinking.


Case review and final interview with manager and founding team

Instead of just submitting your case for review, we give you an opportunity to present the case and describe what you were thinking. This final interview is also a chance to meet the founding team to understand the values and vision of BluMortgage.



Assuming everything goes well in the first 3 steps, we will reach out with the details of our job offer. In our offer, we will be transparent as possible to give you all the information needed to make a decision.

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