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Success Stories

A big part of our office hours is sharing the success stories of brokers just like you!

Time and Money-Saving with SnapNOA Integration!

Recently a client shared with us that they saved 30 minutes and $15 in a single file with the new SnapNOA integration.

The money saving was from $30/pull to $15/pull.

The bigger “win” was the time-saving. The integration meant no copy-pasting of client data to the SnapNOA system.

BONUS: all files uploaded directly to BluMortgage saving time, but more importantly it was a secure file transfer.


Our client saved money and time while also avoiding numerous headaches by using BluMortgage!

When one of our recent clients, a mortgage broker, first approached us, they were a bit hesitant to work with BluMortgage because they had been customizing a generic CRM and integrating it with Zapier.

However, after a year of paying for the CRM, it was still not fully set up—leaving them feeling frustrated and desperate for an alternative solution. We agreed to give them a try and promised to have more implemented within a week than they had been able to accomplish in the previous year.

After trying out BluMortgage’s CRM software, our client saved money and time while also avoiding numerous headaches. A huge win!

1 anticipated benefit, and 1 hidden gem from texting automations

We recently helped a mortgage broker add text message updates at every step of the mortgage journey for both clients and their realtors. After starting this simple new system, our client saw immediate results.

They anticipated dealing with the increased speed of responses from their clients and realtors, but they were surprised to discover that some realtors started sending them more referrals!


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