In-depth reports and analytics for every part of your business

(Without manual imports or complicated Excel sheets)

For a growing mortgage business, it is essential to understand key metrics such as conversion rate, yearly target progress and revenue by lead source. Even more important are metrics specific to your way of doing business. BluMortgage’s customizable reports and analytics make this simple.

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The Problem

You have specific metrics you want to report on. Most CRMs are not customizable and Excel requires manual imports

  1. Modifying what you need based on what’s available in the CRM
  2. Continual manual uploads to a master Excel file
  3. Distribute and visibility among team members is difficult

Here’s how to build your custom reports in 4 easy steps

Getting started with BluMortgage’s reporting and analytics is easy. The best part? It’s simple to learn and our support team will be with you every step of the way.

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Step #1

Easily import all your existing data to BluMortgage. We’ll do it for you!

Our standard BluMortgage onboarding includes data import from your existing database. This means you’ll have a rich dataset from day 1.


Step #2

Automatically update BluMortgage from your deal submission platform

BluMortgage receives data from Velocity, Filogix Expert, Finmo, BrokrBindr and Scarlett DOS to bring all information into a central spot.

Step #3

View our pre-built reports, or customize your own!

With our simple drag-and-drop editor, it is simple to edit existing or create new reports. Report, filter and aggregate on any field in the CRM.

Use report schedulers to automatically distribute the reports via email on a regular basis.


Step #4

Build beautiful charts and graphs to motivate your team

Within the BluMortgage “analytics” suite, it is easy to build graphs, target meters, year-over-year comparisons and much more.

For analytics that you want to see everyday, embed directly in your homepage.

Here’s Why The Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada are Using BluMortgage


“It’s clearly made a huge impact on our business. From efficiency to client experience…it’s a no brainer in my opinion.”

Dean Lawton, Partner Thrive Mortgage


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support.”

Ron Butler: President, Butler Mortgage


“My business has transformed 180 degrees after using BluMortgage.”

Daniel Char, Ultimate Mortgage Group

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