Have a client journey that integrates with Floify

(Without any double entry)

BluMortgage integrates directly with Floify. This means all Floify data will automatically enter BluMortgage for all your CRM needs.

See it in Action

Using Floify’s document collection does not mean you need to compromise on staying in-touch with clients

  1. Double entry from Floify to your CRM
  2. Delayed updates to clients
  3. Difficulty maintaining Zaps through edge cases and updates

Step #1

Easily import all your existing data to BluMortgage. We’ll do it for you!

Our standard BluMortgage onboarding includes data import your existing database. This means you’ll have a rich dataset from day 1.


Step #2

Install the BluMortgage Integration on Floify

BluMortgage is an official CRM partner of Floify. This means it’s with one clicking and pasting in your BluMortgage access key, you’ll have complete access to Floify data in BluMortgage.

If this sounds complicated- don’t worry- we do it for you!

Step #3

Watch your data flow into BluMortgage

With your access setup, data can continually flow from Floify to BluMortgage, whenever an update happens in Floify.


Here’s Why The Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada are Using BluMortgage


“It’s clearly made a huge impact on our business. From efficiency to client experience…it’s a no brainer in my opinion.”

Dean Lawton, Partner Thrive Mortgage


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support.”

Ron Butler: President, Butler Mortgage


“My business has transformed 180 degrees after using BluMortgage.”

Daniel Char, Ultimate Mortgage Group

You are minutes away from a Floify-integrated customer journey.

The best way to get started with BluMortgage and see the integration in-action is to check out our pre-recorded demo:

  1. Deep dive on how the Floify integration works in-action
  2. Review of all other essential BluMortgage features
  3. Skip to the most important sections for you
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