Integrate your Client Journey with Finmo

(Without any double entry)

Sync Finmo data automatically with BluMortgage without any double entry! Experience one of BluMortgage’s most advanced integrations.

See it in Action

Simplify staying-in-touch with an integrated client journey

  1. Auto-updates to BluMortgage based on key Finmo events
  2. Refresh data Finmo data on-demand
  3. Sync lead details from BLU directly to a new Finmo deal
  4. Fully customizable to YOUR client journey

Step #1

Get you Finmo API Key

Your Finmo API Key connects your BluMortgage account with your Finmo account. You’ll need to copy from Finmo (see picture) and paste in BluMortgage.

If this sounds complicated- don’t worry- we do it for you!


Step #2

Create your Webhooks

“Webhooks” allows for data to automatically be updated in BluMortgage! Again, you’ll need to copy a token from Finmo and paste it into BLU.

Step #3

Customize your Integration

Customize the integration to match the way you do business.

The way you do business is unique, and your tech should match that. Update the setting page to match your exact Client Journey.


Step #4

Watch your data flow into BluMortgage

With the setup complete, data will continually flow from Finmo to BluMortgage, whenever an update happens in Finmo.

No double entry needed!

Step #5

Auto-Create Finmo Deals

For many brokers, BLU is the ideal place to “qualify” new leads (especially if you collect online leads)!

Once you’re ready to start an application, transfer all details to Finmo with a single button click!


Here’s Why The Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada are Using BluMortgage


“It’s clearly made a huge impact on our business. From efficiency to client experience…it’s a no brainer in my opinion.”

Dean Lawton, Partner Thrive Mortgage


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support.”

Ron Butler: President, Butler Mortgage


“My business has transformed 180 degrees after using BluMortgage.”

Daniel Char, Ultimate Mortgage Group

You are minutes away from a Finmo-integrated customer journey.

The best way to get started with BluMortgage and see the integration in-action is to check out our pre-recorded demo:

  1. Deep dive on how the Finmo integration works in-action
  2. Review of all other essential BluMortgage features
  3. Skip to the most important sections for you
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