About BluMortgage

Learn about us and our journey from simple beginnings to market leaders in the space, and how we define our corporate identity as we continue to grow.

The Years of Learning

Back in 2013, Massimo started the CRM consulting firm, BluRoot that worked with SMB of all shapes and sizes to meet their specific and custom CRM requirements. During this time he worked with several mortgage brokers who achieved a ton of success with their custom CRM solution and kept insisting to Massimo that he’s built something that isn’t on the market.

“We’re On To Something”

In 2018, Tom joined the firm to address the market need that BluRoot’s mortgage broker clients had identified. Through the lessons that BluRoot had learned over their years of consulting, and a few months of hard development work, BluMortgage was created and launched.

With BluMortgage now on the market, the team kept getting feedback from old and new clients alike that they had never used a CRM solution like this before. They knew they were on to something.

Market Leadership

The success realized by BluMortgage has spread across the country with brokers nationwide joining every month, including 3 of the top 5 brokers in Canada.

BluMortgage is now focused on user growth to build a strong community of mortgage brokers as well as product growth to expand the features and functionality that BluMortgage offers their clients.


Our Commitment to the Canadian Mortgage Industry


A MaRS Discovery District-backed venture

MaRS Discovery District is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Toronto, Ontario.


Proudly Canadian

All staff live and work within Canada. All development work takes place within Canada.

Massimo Ianniruberto


Massimo is the president and founder of BluRoot. During his time in this role, he has worked with industry leaders in insurance, mortgage and real estate. In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and playing Gran Turismo.

Tom Hall


Tom is the head of our vertical team. Tom manages all of our industry specific products making sure that our products are cutting edge. In his free time, you can find Tom playing chess and watching football.

Jason Brennan

Junior Partner

Jason is a Junior Partner at BluMortgage and he oversees all implementations to ensure that users are up-and-running smoothly. In his free time, Jason loves to read and hike. He is also a former paintball champion, and martial artist.

Trevor Hilton

Head Developer

Trevor is the Head Developer at BluMortgage. Trevor leads the development efforts on new product features and integrations for BluMortgage to ensure a great, fully integrated user experience for brokers on the platform. In his free time, Trevor likes to produce music.

Steph Brennan


Steph is an Associate at Bluroot. This means that she works in all areas of the business, whether it’s implementing a new CRM solution or training and supporting existing clients- Steph does it all. In her free time, you can find her making artwork.

Harpreet Goraya

Junior Developer

Harpreet is a Junior Developer at BluMortgage. Harpreet enjoys watching basketball, listening to Hip Hop music and playing with his dog.

Shaira Mayers

Customer Success Representative

Shaira works on the customer success team at BluMortgage. She is dedicated to making your experience with BluMortgage a success. Whether it be a training, helping import data or answering a burning question- Shaira is there to help!

Our Values

Team First

Not every task supports your numbers directly. Sometimes we have to support someone else. We are strongest when our work supports each other’s success.


Be clear and open with your work both among our team and to our clients.

No Waste/ Purpose-Driven

Begin with the end in mind. Take deliberate actions and be mindful of possible outcomes.

Whatever you do, be the best

In your area of expertise, strive for excellence. We aren’t perfect but we aim to be 1% better every day.

Thrive in Ambiguity/Be Curious

Be excited to learn new things. New challenges are chances to grow and expand our abilities.

Win or Learn

Failure is a part of life. We embrace failure as an opportunity to learn new things and get 1% better.

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