Create a deal flow pipeline that automates your process

(With your whole team staying up-to-date)

The process of closing a mortgage involves many steps and requires co-ordination of clients, lenders, realtors and lawyers. BluMortgage makes this simpler by auto-generating tasks and automatic emails based on your stage in the process.

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The Problem

You mortgage process is unique, but requires standardization and automation to be efficient and scale

  1. Difficult to stay on-top of all live deals
  2. Using dis-organized emails and calls to track your team activity
  3. Realtor partners calling you to know the deal status

Here’s how to put your deal flow on auto-pilot

Getting started with BluMortgage’s deal flow pipeline is easy. The best part? It’s simple to learn and our support team will be with you every step of the way.

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Step #1

Integrate your deal submission platform

BluMortgage receives data from Velocity, Filogix Expert, Finmo, and Scarlett DOS to bring all information into a central spot.


Step #2

Customize your templates using our simple drag-and-drop editor

We understand that our pre-built deal flow templates don’t work for everyone- no problem! Use our templates as a starting point, and tweak to how you like to talk to your customers and referral partners.

Step #3

Turn on whatever campaigns are relevant to your process

Like our templates, we have pre-built task and email automations ready-to-go. In your settings area, select which automations are right for you, and turn them on with the click of a button.



Step #4

Start managing your deal flow!

With all data in a single spot, it’s simple to write notes, set reminders for yourself and log all email, text and phone communications with your prospects.

Having your data in a single spot enables simple team collaboration and streamlines your compliance process.

Here’s Why The Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada are Using BluMortgage


“It’s clearly made a huge impact on our business. From efficiency to client experience…it’s a no brainer in my opinion.”

Dean Lawton, Partner Thrive Mortgage


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support.”

Ron Butler: President, Butler Mortgage


“My business has transformed 180 degrees after using BluMortgage.”

Daniel Char, Ultimate Mortgage Group

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