90 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Meet the basic requirements (below)
  2. Use BLU for 90 Days
  3. If you’re still unsatisfied, contact billing@bluroot.ca
  4. Full refund with no questions asked


Basic Requirements

Basic requirements are the minimum to achieve success with BLU.

Our onboarding focuses on these requirements, so it’s SO EASY to complete:

  1. Provide your data to the BLU team for import
  2. Attend the BLU training sessions (3, 45 minute meetings)
  3. Send out (at least) 1 email campaign

Why do we do this?

Like any new CRM, you’re taking a leap of faith with BLU.

This is our way of meeting you halfway.

We’re so confident that you’ll see an immediate return with BLU that it’s an easy guarantee to make 😀

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