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BrokrBindr Integration with BluMortgage CRM

BluMortgage is a top Canadian solution for BrokrBindr mortgage brokers looking for a CRM. Easily send your online application to clients, capture customer details from completed applications, and stay up-to-date with application progress.
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Getting started

Why integrate with BrokrBindr

The BluMortgage CRM integration with BrokrBindr allows seamless communication between the two systems. Specifically, this integration offers:
  • Simplified sending of BrokrBindr application to clients existing within the BluMortgage CRM
  • Update of mortgage and client details based on the information captured in a completed application
  • Continual updates of BluMortgage deal information based on progress in the BrokrBindr platform

Simplify working with lenders

After new activity is reported to the lender through BrokrBindr, the activity is recorded directly into your BluMortgage CRM. We have removed the need for manual data entry.


Integrating with industry leading software

BrokrBindr is not a CRM, but rather it is a tool you use to manage the actual mortgage application.

  • Branded and customizable application portal
  • Manage all condition documents
  • Sync Filogix data (upload, download and modify)
  • Pull bank statements, Equifax & TransUnion credit information
  • Archive sensitive data on encrypted Canadian servers
  • Organize personal and team files

How to Integrate

Need help? We will setup the integration.

Whether you are currently using BrokrBindr in your business or you are thinking about setting up in the future, our team will set everything up for you. We want you to focus on creating the best mortgage experience for your clientele and we will handle all of the technical details. Email us at for setup.

Step 1


BrokrBindr Access
  • BrokrBindr Email
  • Password
  • Disable 2-factor authentication

Step 2


  • We complete the integration for you
  • Documents will auto populate
  • Zero extra fees

Step 3



Video and online Resources

Tutorials and videos to support your team

Getting started with a CRM can seem daunting. We built a knowledge base to help support you and your team through almost every task. Additionally, we have over 100 video tutorials and how-to videos to help you design email templates, track deals, customizing workflows, adding new agents and employees and so much more. We add resources every week, and have monthly live webinars to help brokerages get the most out of their mortgage CRM.
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Integrate your email

How to integrate your email inbox with the mortgage broker CRM, BluMortgage.


Client communication

How to send an email newsletter to a segment of your database.

Filogix Data

Managing Data

How you can get your data from Filogix Expert into BluMortgage CRM.

BrokrBindr Integration

Increase productivity

Seamless transfer of mortgage and client data from BrokrBindr to BluMortgage.

Lead followup

Increase conversion

How BluMortgage CRM makes it simple to follow up with new mortgage leads.

Application Followup

Closing deals

How to send an online application and follow up until the app is complete.