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Manage Your Prospects

Whether you get your leads from referral partners, your website or another source, quick and regular follow-ups are essential to convert them to clients. BluMortgage’s email campaigns and website integration handle these follow-ups for you.
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The longer a prospect waits not contacted, the lower your chance of closing the lead.
BluMortgage New Lead Campaigns allow you to easily follow up through automated emails.
BluMortgage Application Campaigns keep communication open through the process.
BluMortgage facilitates collecting new leads directly from your website.

Convert More Leads

Connect With New Leads

BluMortgage’s new lead campaign and online application campaign make it simple to quickly and regularly communicate with new leads. BluMortgage’s simple lead interface makes it easy to understand your progress with each lead.
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About Us

What is BluMortgage?

BluMortgage is an application built by a Canadian Fintech startup, BluRoot, based out of Toronto, Ontario. The BluMortgage team are CRM experts who have worked with mortgage industry leaders to perfect the BluMortgage product. For the entire BluMortgage story, check out our About Us page.