3 Essential Tools for Mortgage Brokers!

Mortgage brokers have to be able to do a lot of things at once. Whether it’s underwriting tricky deals, guiding clients through the process, meeting with realtors or even learning about new products- mortgage brokers are always on the go.

If you’re like most mortgage brokers, chances are good that you use a deal submission platform (Filogix, Velocity, Finmo, etc.), your inbox and maybe even a CRM. But what else should you be considering?

That’s why we’ve put together a list with these 3 essential tools for Mortgage Brokers that every broker should have in order to make their jobs easier! In this post, we’ll explain what these apps are and how they can help you.

Scheduling Apps

As a Mortgage Broker, you have a lot of meetings, phone calls and other appointments in your calendar. Which can make managing appointments become a huge part of your day.

With a scheduling app, it’s easy to do these things from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s easier for people who want to book an appointment with you to find out when it’s best for them to do this — they can see exactly what time slots are free in your schedule. This can be especially useful for meeting new clients or customers who may not know much about your business (yet).

Shortly, here’s why you should use one:

  1. It saves time
  2. It reduces the chance of double booking
  3. Easily track all appointments in one place
  4. avoid missing important meetings

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an online service that allows users to store files remotely on the cloud or internet. You can access your files from anywhere and at any time.

Mortgage brokers can use it for many different reasons, such as:

Secure backup of documents: it’s very important to keep a secure backup of all documents, especially as you have clients’ personal information stored on your computer. If your computer is stolen or damaged, you could lose all of your data in one go. Cloud Storage ensures that all of your data is backed up regularly and safely stored in the cloud, so if anything happens to your device, you’ll still have access to all of your files.

Easy access: there’s no need to waste time uploading files or managing multiple hard drives and USB sticks; everything is done automatically with just one click! This means that if someone needs a document urgently, they can easily access it from anywhere and won’t have to wait while it downloads onto their device first.


Signatures are an important part of the mortgage process. You can only imagine how much more time-consuming it would be if every time someone needed to sign something they had to mail their documents back and forth between multiple locations before getting them back signed. Sound familiar?

As a mortgage broker, you know this scenario all too well—which is why we recommend using an E-Signature App.

Aside from providing a way for everyone involved in the mortgage process to sign documents electronically, eSignatures helps streamline your process and reduce costs for all parties involved.


If you’re a mortgage broker, these 3 essential tools are excellent additions to your toolkit. They allow you to have easy access to all the information you need, and make communication with clients and colleagues very smooth and efficient.

And above all, they’re included on your BluMortgage subscription, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of them. With BluMortgage, brokers can eliminate tools that cost over $1,500 per year! So if you’re looking for a CRM that offers integrations to all of these apps, BluMortgage is your best choice.

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