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Put Your Client Journey on Auto-Pilot

(Without Double Entry Ever Again!)

With the BluMortgage, CRM for Mortgage Brokers, go from new lead to a funded deal without manual follow-ups, deals falling through the cracks or manual copy-paste from system to system.

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Used by 3 of the top 5 brokers in Canada


The Problem

Owning YOUR Client Journey Shouldn’t Be This Hard

  1. Leads falling through the cracks with emails and spreadsheets
  2. Not reaching the full potential of your existing client base
  3. Being captive to your brokerage or network by using their CRM
  4. Double entering data between the CRM and all your systems

Still using still your inbox and Excel?

Emails and Excel can work until your business grows to the point where the admin is too much- then what?

  1. Simple to lose an email in your inbox
  2. Manual follow-ups lead to missed opportunities
  3. No reports to understand your lead conversion


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Do you even own your own data?

In a fast-paced industry, you need to protect your business no matter where your career might take you. With a brokerage CRM:

  1. Data is owned by your brokerage
  2. Not your client journey, but a version of your broker’s
  3. A new brokerage means rebuilding your client base


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Here’s how to own your customer journey in 5 easy steps

Getting started with BluMortgage is easy. It’s a process we’ve done 1,000s of times with brokers of all shapes and sizes. Our support team will be with you every step of the way.

More time for generating NEW BUSINESS- not on admin tasks.

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Step #1

Easily Import all your existing data. We’ll do it for you!

Our standard onboarding includes data import from Filogix and/or Velocity.

Migration support from other RMs such as GoMax, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Jungo.

The best part? We’ll help you import everything!


Step #2

Work with our support team to customize the CRM to your process

We have hundreds of pre-built templates and workflows that are just waiting to be activiated.

Anything beyond this, our team can show you how to customize the CRM to match your needs!

Step #3

Manage all your processes in a single place

BluMortgage receives data from Velocity, Filogix Expert, Finmo, and Scarlett DOS to bring all information into a central spot.

Use our integrated services such as Manulife’s MPP, SnapNOA and e-sign to minimize system switching.


Step #4

Track notes, tasks, outstanding conditions and emails in the CRM

Keep everyone on your team moving in the same direction with centralized tracking.

With activities in the CRM, run reports to gain key productivity insights.

Step #5

Stay in touch with high-potential closed clients

Pre-built drip campaigns make it automatic to reach out for birthdays, anniversaries and renewals.

Use advanced reporting to identify refinance or upsell opportunities.


Here’s Why The Top Mortgage Brokers in Canada are Using BluMortgage


“It’s clearly made a huge impact on our business. From efficiency to client experience…it’s a no brainer in my opinion.”

Dean Lawton, Partner Thrive Mortgage


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support.”

Ron Butler: President, Butler Mortgage


“My business has transformed 180 degrees after using BluMortgage.”

Daniel Char, Ultimate Mortgage Group


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