BluMortgage versus Expert Pro (Doorr)

So many of our mortgage broker clients ask us about the difference between BluMortgage and Filogix Expert Pro (formerly known as Doorr), so we thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the finer points. Ultimately, we developed BluMortgage to streamline workflows and fill the functional gaps that other systems have. We tend to think it’s a superior solution for brokers who are serious about growth—but we’ll let you be the judge.

Today, let’s compare BluMortgage and Expert Pro and see what’s under the hood.

Filogix Expert Pro (Doorr) Overview

Expert Pro is the premium, paid, full-featured version of the Filogix suite of solutions that includes Filogix Expert, Expert Plus, and Expert Pro. Filogix connects mortgage brokers with lenders, and depending on the solution you choose, it supports lender submissions, contact management, referrals, document storage, and more.

Upgrading to Filogix Expert Pro enables a few more premium features, such as integrated e-signatures, workflow automation, integrated email marketing, and bank statement retrieval. Since many mortgage brokers in Canada already use Filogix to connect to lenders, having the added features and functionality you need to manage your deals all in one place is an attractive idea.

You’re already familiar with the look and feel of the Filogix system, and it does give you added flexibility, but it does not replace your CRM. Truthfully, Expert Pro focuses more on the underwriting aspect of the mortgage transaction, so most of the features are geared towards those efforts.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fully integrated, single-source-of-truth type solution, you’ll need to connect other third-party apps or find a CRM solution that integrates with Filogix so you can create a tech stack that works for you.

As for pricing, they’re not very transparent about it. If you want to upgrade to Expert Pro—or even request pricing information—you’ll need to speak to someone in their sales department.

BluMortgage Overview

BluMortgage is a cloud-based CRM built on the Zoho platform, one of the most powerful and complete CRMs on the market today. Our end-to-end solution is designed specifically for mortgage brokers and made to make their life simpler by consolidating every possible function needed—and then some—into a single interface.

Here are some of the things that make BluMortgage stand-out versus Filogix Expert Pro for our high-growth customers:

  • Create branded email marketing campaigns
  • Automated client messaging
  • Automated marketing workflows
  • Pre-approval and post-close drip campaigns
  • Personalization
  • Newsletters
  • Consolidate all client and lender communication into a single platform
  • Powerful integrations with Filogix Expert, Velocity, Finmo, and Floify
  • Social integrations and post scheduling
  • Mobile app
  • Add new integrations and features quickly and easily
  • No-coding required, very simple to set up and customize
  • Transparent pricing

Fully Customizable

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on your branding, so why should you have to be tied to another company’s look? With BluMortgage, the system is fully customizable to ensure your outreach is always on-brand.

Plus, BluMortgage offers customizable templates explicitly designed with a mortgage broker’s needs in mind, so you can get up and running without skipping a beat. Templates self-populate with customer data, saving you the time and hassle of repeatedly inputting client and lender information.

Truly Independent

BluMortgage is an independent software system that does not own your data. It is not owned by any network, meaning that you own your data 100%. When using other systems, like Expert Pro, you stand to lose data if you choose to jump ship, and that’s not a route anybody should be forced to take. We make it easy to migrate your data and contacts from other systems, so you can make the switch and get going with a minimum of downtime.

More Origination Options

BluMortgage integrates with almost all origination systems in Canada, which makes doing what you do so much easier. You don’t have to switch back and forth between systems to find the best deals for your clients, and you’ll only have to enter your information once to access all the information you need. Having more choices is always better, as it offers buyers the opportunity to find a lender and a mortgage that works for them.

Save Time and Get More Done

BluMortgage enables powerful workflow automation to help your team get more done in less time. By automating the initial stages of a deal, you can cut your work time to a fraction, as customers get the information they need right away, and you can focus on other things until it’s time to speak to them directly. By that time, you’ll have all the information you need to know about the customer and their needs, making the time you spend with them more meaningful. Automation also helps you qualify and prioritize leads, helping you maximize your productivity every day.

Continual Improvements

We are 100% focused on helping our customers grow. New technologies and tools are being developed every day, and the BluMortgage development team is always on the leading edge of what’s new and exciting. When we identify a new solution that we feel adds value to our clientele, we integrate it into our stack so you can get the most out of it.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Our customer success team is always available to help you leverage BluMortgage to its fullest potential. Whether you’re an independent broker or managing a multi-office team, it is our mission to help you thrive.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a 360˚ solution to help you manage every aspect of your brokerage business, while being flexible to the way you do business- today and in the future-  there is really no better choice than BluMortgage and the features of our powerful CRM.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a way to optimize your time, close more deals, and help more clients reach their financing goals, there is no better choice on the market today. BluMortgage is committed to making your life easy—and we’re ready to make that happen anytime you are.

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