BluMortgage vs BrokerEdge- CRM Comparison

Both BluMortgage and BrokerEdge are popular mortgage broker CRMs in Canada.

They offer similar functionality, integrations and data policy- leaving many brokers asking, “What’s the Difference?”, and “What Platform is Best for My Business?”.

In this article we review top criteria when considering a CRM, and how the 2 platforms stack up against each other.

Here are 4 points to consider:

Data & Integrations

BluMortgage and BrokerEdge are both independent of any deal submission platform or brokerage / network. This means your data is 100% owned by you, and your book of business stays yours- regardless of how your career evolves.

Both platforms connect with the deal submission platforms Filogix, Velocity, Finmo and Scarlett Mortgage. BluMortgage offers an additional integration with Mortgage BOSS for M3 brokers.

They also both connect with Calendly, Zapier, Twilio (for texting), Gmail and Outlook, which is sufficient for most brokers. For those looking to go above-and-beyond, BluMortgage also offers a marketplace of 3rd-party connections as well as a fully-open API for custom integrations.

If we had to pick a winner for this category, it would be BluMortgage given their connection to Mortgage BOSS and opportunity to expand.


Most Canadian mortgage brokers consider post-close stay-in-touch as the priority for their CRM, and both platforms do this exceptionally well. After this, the next priority is managing a live deal and ensuring clients & partners are in-the-loop. Again, BluMortgage and BrokerEdge do this very well.

BrokerEdge optimizes for simplicity. This allows for a quicker learning curve and less potential “speedbumps” when using the software.

BluMortgage instead optimizes for customizability and scalability. The learning curve is steeper, but once mastered, the possibilities are endless as your business evolves.

For this category, we are not choosing a winner. Instead it depends on your priority as a broker: simplicity or scalability.


Most brokers don’t realize this, but both BluMortgage and BrokerEdge are not built from scratch, but use external platforms as their foundation.

BluMortgage is built on Zoho One, which is a global CRM used by 100M+ users. BluMortgage is the version of Zoho that is specific to Canadian mortgage brokers.

BrokerEdge is built on Ruly, which is a “No Code” builder provided by a small team based in Ontario. BrokerEdge has built all their CRM capabilities for the Canadian mortgage market on Ruly.

Zoho’s scale guarantees platform reliability and up-to-date tech- now and into the future. On the other hand, Ruly’s small team allows more local, personalized support.

If we had to pick a winner for this category, it would be BluMortgage since the Zoho platform guarantees reliability a modern UI for decades to come.


No comparison would be complete without an analysis of pricing. For quite a few brokers, this is the most important criteria.

BluMortgage is $90US/user/month, whereas BrokerEdge is $90CA/user/month.

BrokerEdge offers Assistant / Admin licenses at $25CA/user/month, which is beneficial, if you have a team that works with you.

BluMortgage does not charge for their additional digital tools (e-Sign, Calendar Booking, Email Marketing, etc.). For some brokers, this results in savings of $1,200+ each year.

If we had to pick a winner for this category, it would be BrokerEdge. They offer a lower overall cost, and offer flexibility with Assistants and Admins


When it comes down to it, both BluMortgage and BrokerEdge are solid CRMs. Which one is right for you and your business will depend on how you prioritize the above factors.

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