Pipedrive vs BluMortgage – Which one is the best for Mortgage Brokers?

Are you a mortgage broker who wants to streamline your workflow? Are you looking for a CRM that can meet all of your needs and help you manage relationships with clients and prospects? If so, then you’re probably considering two of the most popular options for mortgage brokers on the market: Pipedrive and BluMortgage.

Both are excellent choices and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. In this post I’ll compare these two platforms so that you can decide which one is right for your business.

Pipedrive Overview

Founded by a team of sales reps who wanted to make managing sales pipelines easier, Pipedrive came to life. The idea was simple: solve the problems they were facing as small business owners and entrepreneurs, then share their solution with others like them.

Pipedrive CRM has since become one of the most popular cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms used by companies around the world. It’s easy to use so that it can work for any size business running any type of sales process.

The bottom line? Pipedrive works for people who want a simple way to manage their pipeline—and it works well enough for simple and streamlined processes!

BluMortgage Overview

BluMortgage is a Canadian-based CRM for mortgage brokers. It provides pre-built email templates, automations and workflows to streamline your business from new leads to post-close stay-in-touch.

BluMortgage integrates with Filogix, Velocity, Finmo/Lendesk, Scarlett DOS and more- eliminating the need for any double entry.

The bottom line? BluMortgage is a feature-rich product for staying-in-touch and managing your mortgage workflow. Since it’s built specifically for Canadian mortgage brokers, many workflows, automations and integrations are already built for you.

Pipedrive vs BluMortgage – What are the big differences?

Mortgage Specific Features

Pipedrive is a generic CRM, used by every type of small business worldwide. To make it specific to your Mortgage business, it requires time (either yours or a consultants) to customize the CRM for the mortgage business.

BluMortgage is more focused specifically on Canadian mortgage brokers. It comes with customized fields & modules, templates and workflows based on best practices from top teams in Canada. The best part? You can build on top of these pre-built features to make it specific to your business.

Canadian MOS Integrations

Maybe the most important part of any CRM is the integrations. With Pipedrive, you can setup a series of Zaps to connect with external systems. BluMortgage has pre-built integrations with most LOS’ in Canada including Velocity, Finmo, Filogix, Scarlett, and even other mortgage tools like SnapNOA, MPP and VIP Club.

Additional Business Tools

Like the LOS integrations above, Pipedrive can connect to other business tools like DocuSign and Calendly through a series of Zaps. However, these other business tools need to be paid for separately.

Built on Zoho One, BluMortgage comes with a suite of 50+ business applications at no extra cost! Many brokers who sign up with BluMortgage are able to save $1000s each year by canceling subscriptions to DocuSign, Calendly, MailChimp, HootSuite, and even Google Drive.

The best part? All Zoho One applications are fully integrated. Want to trigger a CRM workflow based on a booked meeting? That functionality comes out-of-box.

Date-Based Workflows Triggers

Pipedrive is only able to trigger a workflow (an automated action) based on a record action. Whereas BluMortgage can trigger on both a record action and a date field.

This is fine for live deal management. For example, if a deal changes stage, both Pipedrive and BluMortgage can send an automated email to the client, or a task to your team.

However, date-based triggers are needed to stay-in-touch with past clients. For example, sending an email on a client’s birthday OR 3 months before the renewal date is not possible in Pipedrive.

Breadth of Features

If you can’t tell by now, BluMortgage is the more feature-rich CRM over Pipedrive. However, this can be a double-edged sword!

BluMortgage provides long-term value and scalability, however that typically requires a bit more time upfront learning.

On the other hand, Pipedrive is simple, and can be quicker to pick up. This is great for simple needs, but often times, brokers hit a feature “wall” within 3-6 months of their Pipedrive journey.

Ongoing support & community 

Pipedrive’s support team is the same used by millions of businesses globally. This means that getting support involves describing your industry and use case first.

BluMortgage’s support team is based in Canada and it deals with Canadian mortgage brokers all day, everyday. Whatever you’re experiencing, odds are that the BluMortgage team has tackled that issue before.

Beyond that BluMortgage has a great community through a Facebook Group that grows every day and twice a month webinars to share top requested features.


BluMortgage is $75USD/user/month.

Pipedrive is $50USD/user/month.

Final Thoughts

Both Pipedrive and BluMortgage are solid CRMs for mortgage brokers. Both offer great value. The decision is really about what is most important to you and your mortgage business.

Ultimately, many Canadian mortgage brokers go with BluMortgage- with over 1,000 brokers nationwide using the CRM. If you’re interested in checking out BluMortgage’s features live, get access to a free demo account here!

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